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The 2nd UK Social Marketing Conference, 14 September 2017

Queen Mary University, London

It has been a decade since the creation of the National Social Marketing Centre (NSMC) in the UK and a wide range of valuable social intervention, policy improvement and evaluation has been conducted in those ten formative years. Social Marketing and Behaviour Change programmes have taken root across the UK and are having more and more of a demonstrative positive impact on communities across a number of sectors. However, we believe that the journey has just begun, that it is time to reflect and learn from the past decade while planning for a positive and competitive future.

As key partners of the first UK Social Marketing Conference, Queen Mary University, the European Social Marketing Association, NSMC, Strategic Social Marketing and Fuse Events invite you to join us at the first cross sector event for change makers across the UK in nearly ten years. 

Confirmed Speakers:

  • David Evans – The Campaign Company
  • Ellen O’Donoghue – Public Health England
  • Nick Temple – Social Enterprise UK
  • Dr. Christine Domegan – NUI Galway
  • Gary Wootten – Hitch
  • Pauline Aylesbury – Scottish Government

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Regional Association for Latin America


The discussion about the creation of a network of Latin Americans working in Social Marketing began around 2014, when one Brazilian and one Colombian virtually met as part of their role serving the iSMA. Later on, in early 2017 a Peruvian joined the efforts to start consolidating what would be the first steps to create a Latin Americans Social Marketing Association. Building on this and in response to a call made at the World Social Marketing Conference 2017, some people from the region participated in an informal gathering to know about their role in social marketing and their interest in joining a regional association. A working group has been created to set the first steps to create the association.

The Brazilian Hamilton Coimbra Carvalho (@PublicHamilton) joined in 2014 the iSMA’s Board of Directors as Regional Representative for South America and the Caribbean. Besides taking part in collective decisions, he recently took up the role of communicating with new members of the iSMA and he was also part of the planning committee of the World Social Marketing Conference 2017 (#WSMC2017). Right after starting his appointment at the iSMA, he created a Google e-mail group to build a database of people from Latin America and the Caribbean interested in social marketing. After this, Carvalho started discussing with the Colombian Nathaly Aya Pastrana the idea of creating a social marketing association for Latin Americans.

Ms. Aya Pastrana (@AP_Nathaly) started contributing to the iSMA Communications Committee in 2014 where her main role has been co-editing the bi-monthly newsletter and supporting in other communication activities. She had her first interaction with social marketing associations while taking a master level course in Social Marketing, where with some colleagues she developed a marketing plan for the newly created European Social Marketing Association. In 2017 Ms. Aya Pastrana was invited to present in a plenary session at the World Social Marketing Conference 2017 entitled “Social Marketing: The Next Generation”, at the end of her presentation “Beyond Salsa, Samba and Tango: Social Marketing in Latin America”, and after agreement with Mr. Carvalho Coimbra and Ms. Ponce from Peru, she invited people from Latin America to join an informal lunch meeting to get to know each other and to discuss the potential of creating the regional association.

Ms. Vilarmina Ponce (@Vili_pl) and Ms Aya Pastrana met early 2017 in Peru, where Ms. Ponce as Communication Officer at CRONICAS Centre of Excellence in Chronic Diseases and with the support of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), drove a social marketing strategy to motivate people to use a salt substitute and specific measure of salt while cooking. Ms. Ponce in her position at CRONICAS  maintains a strong relationship with the Social Marketing Group at the College of Public Health of the University of South Florida, that early this year conducted an online training in Social Marketing for research groups in Latin America with the support of the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

At the WSMC2017, Ms. Ponce and Ms. Aya Pastrana informally met with other delegates from Latin America, most of whom where having their first encounter with Social Marketing and expressed their interest in learning more about the field. A total of eleven people joined the gathering, three of which were representatives of the Social Marketing Association of North America (SMANA) and six of them are residents of the United States. During the brief discussion, attendees introduced themselves and expressed their interest in being part of a group that would allow them to connect with their “roots”. Moreover, a conversation was initiated related to the potential geographical overlap of the current SMANA population and the potential regional association for Latin Americans. 

The World Social Marketing Conference 2017 served as a venue to expose to the public the interest of creating a new association that represents the different cultures, values, identities and context characteristics of people from Latin American countries. The working group of the new to be association thanks the representatives from the iSMA, the ESMA, the AASM and of the SMANA who have offered their support in the process of building the regional association.

Memories from the World Social Marketing Conference 2017

Courtesy of the World Social Marketing Conference. Photographer Carole Douglis. The 5th World Social Marketing Conference 2017 hosted 500 delegates from 31 countries and four continents to exchange and develop the field of Social Marketing.  Across two days the event hosted over 100 peer-reviewed paper sessions, 10 workshops and 6 keynote presentations.

The agenda included pre-conference and post-conference workshops about developing a social marketing plan; social marketing community coalitions; developing effective evidence based programs; segmenting, targeting and reaching audiences digitally; service design to develop a social marketing intervention and community-based social marketing.

On Tuesday May 16th luminaries from across the world were recognized for their contribution to Social Marketing and to the creation of the social marketing associations worldwide.Courtesy of the World Social Marketing Conference. Photographer Carole Douglis. Representatives of each of these associations presented the “Outstanding Contribution to Social Marketing Awards” conferred to a total of 13 social marketers, as follows:

  • Gael O’Sullivan founding board member of the iSMA presented the awards to Winthrop Morgan and Nancy Lee
  • Nadina Luca on behalf of the ESMA conferred the awards to Professor Jeff French, Gerrard Hastings, Prof. Dr. Alan Andreasen, the creator of the social marketing benchmark criteria and a posthumous award for the late Dr Sue Peattie
  • Dr Ross Gordon, President of the AASM bestowed the awards to person Tom Carrol and Judy Drennan
  • Kelley Dennings, President of the SMANA granted the awards to Dr Craig Lefebvre, Doug McKenzie-Mohr, Jay Kassirer, Carol Bryant and Mike Newton-Ward

The Conference also served as a venue for the Boards of Directors of the different associations to have internal meetings and to part-take in decision making related to the iSMA. The relationship among the associations was further strengthened during the conference and new common projects are on their way.

Courtesy of the World Social Marketing Conference. Photographer Carole Douglis. As a tradition, the WSMC conferred awards in the different categories of submissions.

  • The best poster winner was for Gary Wootten from Hitch, for the campaign ‘Have you got the balls to #getchecked’
  • The best academic paper award was bestowed to Joy Parkinson and the team from Griffith University, for the paper ‘Developing the UNICEF Malawi school handwashing with soap program’
  • The best practice paper award was given to Caryn Ginsburg from Priority Ventures Group, for the paper ‘iAnimal – Using Virtual Reality to Increase Plant-based Easting’
  • The best student paper award was conferred to Nathaly Aya Pastrana from Università della Svizzera italiana, for the paper ‘Social Marketing Interventions for Neglected Tropical Diseases: A Systematic Review’

The World Social Marketing Conference successfully concluded leaving the audiences satisfied with the variety of content of the presentations, the high quality of the event and its organization, and the potential opportunities that could arise from the networks created. Conference evaluation highlights:

  • Courtesy of the World Social Marketing Conference. Photographer Carole Douglis. 84% of attendees would definitely or be very likely to recommend the conference to a colleague or professional contact
  • 85% of attendees rated the conference very good or excellent
  • 87% of attendees thought that attending the conference would have a positive impact on their work

The event organizers are already looking for a country to host the next conference, preferable in a developing country, if you or your organization are keen help host the next WSM conference please contact the team at [email protected]

Dates and location will be made public in the future.    



The World Social Marketing Conference is Just a Little Over Two Weeks Away! Here Are Some Features…
Written by Julie Hentz   

The finishing touches have been placed on The World Social Marketing Conference at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel in Washington D.C. on May 16th and 17th and we are ready for show time! For the over 460+ registrants, here are some highlights…

Access to a Mentor:

Have you ever wished to have easy access to a mentor? Well, here is your chance! WSMC will be offering mentoring during the second day of the conference, an opportunity to work with someone who can respond to framework questions and help you through a behaviour change quagmire.

Interested in Panel Discussions?

16th May 

The Soda Wars: Lessons learned from 30+ years of tobacco advocacy.

Chaired by: Chris PalmedoAssociate Professor of Media, Marketing and Communications, City University of New York

  • Exploring the “pages taken out of the playbook of big tobacco.” This includes funding academic institutions, community investments, deceptive messaging and government relations including Stan Glanz’s recent Harvard expose.
  • Identifying the viability of countermarketing and counter-advertising strategies. 
  • Exploring strategies for messaging and framing.
  • Discussing specific challenges with food that may not correspond with tobacco (i.e. everyone eats, but not everyone smokes).


  • Danny McGoldrick, Vice President, Global Health Advocacy Incubator at Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
  • Becky Freeman, NHMRC Early Career Research Fellow, School of Public Health, The University of Sydney
  • Lucy Popova, Assistant Professor, Health Promotion & Behaviour, Georgia State University


Commissioners in Conversation

This panel will be made up or representatives of organisations who fund social marketing programmes and projects. The aim of the panel is to provide insights into the needs of those organisations and agencies who commission the development, delivery and evaluate social marketing programmes and projects. The panel will focus on how mutually positive relationships can be established and maintained between those commissioning / funding programmes and those responsible for delivery. The session will be practical in nature focusing on what to do and what not to do to enhance the probability of successful applications, how to agree programme delivery targets and how to manage the ongoing relationship between funder and provider.

Chair: Jacqueline Devine, World Bank


  • Dr. John Lumpkin, Senior Vice President – Program, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • Rafael Obregon, Chief of the Communication for Development Section, UNICEF
  • Anton Schneider, Senior Social and Behavior Change Advisor, Bureau for Global Health, Office of Infectious Disease, USAID

17th May

Climate change, clean energy & energy conservation: Social marketing for our climate

This session will present several key ideas, and illustrate with several innovative programs, all intended to reduce consumption of fossil fuels and/or help target audiences better understand and act on climate risks.

Chaired by: Ed Maibach, George Mason Univ. Center for Climate Change Communication


  • Doug McKenzie-Mohr, McKenzie-Mohr Associates
  • June Flora, Solutions Science Lab, Department of Pediatrics, Stanford University
  • Midori Aoyagi, National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan

And There Are Workshops:

16th May

Innovating measurement methods for a global public health programme United for Healthier Kids 
This workshop will address challenges and approaches in programme evaluation methods.

Paper type: Developmental / Experiential

Presenters: Adam Drewnowski PhD. Director of the Center for Public Health Nutrition, School of Public Health, University of Washington, Petra Klassen Wigger PhD. Scientific Advisor, Corporate Nutrition, Health & Wellness Unit, Nestlé, Zoe Healey PhD. Head of Scientific Strategy, EU, inVentiv Health


Communication Without Borders: Why HIV/AIDS Prevention Messages Increasingly Incorporate New Media

This interactive session explores ways HIV/AIDS interventions can most effectively exploit the benefits of both “old” and “new” media tools.

Paper type: Developmental / Experiential

Presenter: Dr. Ruth Massingill, associate professor, Sam Houston State University


17th May

Join a mini development sprint: Transforming who controls health care at the end of life

There are many things we lose as we grow older. Control over our healthcare should not be one of them. In this session, participants take part in a short development sprint to inform the dissemination and adoption of two products aimed at empowering patients at the end of life. After $1.5 million of research and prototyping with patients, doctors, caregivers and families, the two patient empowerment products are developed and ready. The challenge now: Embedding these products in the health care system. Join this 40-minute interactive session not just to listen, but to be a part of a development sprint that produces possible solutions.

Conference track: Developmental / Experiential

Facilitators: Peter Mitchell, Chairman and CEO, Salter>Mitchell | Marketing for Change; Meisha Thigpen, Associate Creative Director, Salter>Mitchell | Marketing for Change

Just a few of many activities of which to take advantage at WSMC.Please visit with the many exhibitors as well. They provide useful resources. See you soon and safe travels!

Thanking the Social Marketing Community



The 5th World Social Marketing is fast approaching and we hope you will be joining us in Washington DC.

The conference producers and organising committee would like to personally thank every author who submitted a paper, poster or interactive session for review. With over 200 submissions from 41 countries, resulting in 106 presentations, 10 workshops and 12 panel sessions across two days, this year’s conference is testament to the strength of the field across the globe. This fantastic programme wouldn’t be possible without your hard work and we thank everyone from both public and private sectors for taking the time to make a submission.

We are also indebted to our planning committee, and also to the international and regional social marketing associations for helping to shape this conference. Without their continued support we would not be able and ensure that the World Social Marketing Conference continues to uphold its mission to capture, spread and nurture best practice in social marketing and behaviour change.   

Find out more at

Do you want to help pay it forward? WSMC is seeking mentors and mentees

The power of mentorship is undeniable and as the mission of WSMC is to act as a vehicle to help build a global movement dedicated to nurturing good practice in Social Marketing, the 2017 conference will see the launch of the first speed-mentoring session.

If you're interested in participating as a mentor or mentee, please RSVP for this session by contacting Melissa Blair at [email protected]

Find out more by downloading the full session overview.


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