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Social Marketing Workshop in Canada
Written by Win Morgan   

This two-day workshop provides a comprehensive introduction to community-based social marketing and how it is being applied throughout the world to foster sustainable behaviour. Those who attend the workshop will learn the five steps of community-based social marketing (selecting behaviours, identifying barriers, developing strategies, conducting pilots, and broad scale implementation) and be exposed to numerous case studies illustrating its use. As such, this workshop provides an in-depth exposure to community-based social marketing and provides participants with the knowledge they need to design and evaluate their own community-based social marketing programs. Further, attendees will have extensive opportunities to discuss the application of community-based social marketing to the design of actual programs. At the end of the two days participants will have acquired sufficient knowledge to use community-based social marketing to develop successful programs to foster sustainable behaviour. Please note that the introductory workshop is a mandatory prerequisite for the advanced community-based social marketing training offered by Dr. McKenzie-Mohr.   

Last Updated on Monday, April 08, 2013 11:09 AM
Soliciting nominations for its 2013 Landmark behavior change
Written by Win Morgan   

Tools of Change is soliciting nominations for its 2013 Landmark behavior change case studies in two topic areas - (1) home / building energy conservation and (2) sustainable transportation. If you know of anyone working on a particularly effective or innovative approach for changing energy or transportation behaviours, please consider nominating them - or yourself. All nominations must include measured impact results.

Last Updated on Monday, April 08, 2013 11:01 AM
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