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Don’t miss the opportunity to have your work showcased at the 1st North American Social Marketing Conference in Ottawa this October.

World Social Marketing are excited to be partnering with the Social Marketing Association of North America to help showcase the latest and greatest examples of Social Marketing and behaviour change communication from across North America. The event is not to be missed and will, we hope, be the first of many gatherings across the region where like minded professionals can learn, share and network with others who are passionate about fostering positive behaviour change.

The 1st October will host a range of training workshops from leading social marketers and behaviour change professionals to help you develop and gain new skills, making you the most effective change agent you can be.

The 2nd October will host a full day of conference keynotes, peer reviewed parallel sessions and curated interactive sessions.

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by Julie Hentz

The International Social Marketing Association (iSMA) Board welcomed Christene Jennings. She will step into Jay Kassirer’s role to coordinate iSMA’s popular Webinar Series. The webinar feature for the late June event will be, Finding Momentos: How Design Thinking Led to Better “Sex Talks” for Hispanic Parents and Their Teens, presented by Lauren Lourenco (Design Thinking) and Julie Yegen (Westat). Much of the meeting discussion covered plans for the 2019 World Social Marketing Conference (WSMC) in Edinburgh, Scotland, June 4-5th .

  •  iSMA will be featured during two panels at WSMC: 1) a panel discussion that Patrick is moderating featuring discussion of models related to the Global Alliance for Social and Behavior Change; and 2) the panel of Next Generation of Social Marketers.
  • There will be an Annual General Meeting at the conference site from 5:30-6:30 Tuesday June 4th . Patrick Cook and Diogo Verissimo are preparing the agenda for the Annual General Meeting
  • The iSMA Board will meet at the conference site at noon on Wednesday, June 5th
  • Julie Hentz and the iSMA Communication Team have developed content for the promotional flyer which also includes information on all the Regional and Local Associations as well, a Member Survey, and the iSMA Conference Banner to be printed in Edinburgh. Jennifer Wayman will oversee the design and printing of the promotional flyer
  • The new iSMA website, sans the member portal, will be featured at the iSMA exhibit at WSMC in order to introduce attendees to the new design and content of the website. It will also serve as a valuable beta test site for member feedback
  • iSMA is now using Zoom as their meeting and communication platform and it is functioning well.
  • Nancy Lee (PNSMA) is developing an online certificate course in social marketing to:
    o Increase understanding of the discipline
    o Expand the practice of social marketing around the world
    o Bring in revenue for iSMA
    o Support member recruitment for iSMA and the regional associations
  • Christene is planning a more comprehensive set of professional development offerings for the Webinar channel, such as the aforementioned online course created by Nancy Lee
  • Christene is reaching out to regional associations for their feedback and content regarding the Webinar Series, to ensure global participation in the webinars
  • Christene offered to follow up with Social Marketing Quarterly and the Journal of Social Marketing to offer opportunities for their authors to be featured in upcoming webinars

Please reach out to any of the board members with questions or comments on these updates.
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by Krzysztof Kubacki

Every social change programme faces ethical challenges that need to be recognised, acknowledged and considered during the planning, development, delivery and evaluation stages. Behaviour change that affects individuals and communities should be developed and delivered in a way that demonstrates that any potential ethical issues have been addressed. That is why social marketing practice should be guided by ethical principles.

Following popular ethics sessions at the International Social Marketing conference in Singapore in July 2018 and at the European Social Marketing conference in September 2018, social marketing organisations, including Africa Social Marketing Association, Australian Association of Social Marketing, European Social Marketing Association, Latin America Social Marketing Association, Pacific Northwest Social Marketing Association, Social Marketing Association of North America and International Social Marketing Association, have agreed to establish a social marketing ethics experts panel and work collaboratively to develop a set of ethical principles that should be applied as part of the social marketing process.

Members of the panel – Krzysztof Kubacki (chair), Lynne Eagle, Jeff French, Jim Mintz, Duncan Musumba, Inés Besada Paullier, Diogo Verissimo and Dave Ward – have met five times since November last year to identify the resources currently available to social marketers, and discuss and develop a list of potential ethical principles that may provide foundation for a future social marketing code of ethics to guide effective and ethical practice in social marketing.

The initial outcomes of the discussions will be presented by Krzysztof and Jeff at the Ethics in Social Marketing session in June 2019 at the World Social Marketing Conference in Edinburgh. All conference participants are invited to attend the session to provide their feedback and inform future work on social marketing ethical principles. Full programme of the conference can be found here:

Members of the panel express their sympathy for the family of Jim Mintz who passed away peacefully in mid-April. Jim had a long and distinguished career in the Canadian communications industry. He made a significant contribution to the development of the ethics material you will see at this conference and he will be missed by those who have been fortunate to work with him.




4-5 June 2019 |  Sheraton Grand Hotel | Edinburgh, UK




The World Social Marketing Conference brings together academics and practitioners from around the world, working to foster positive behaviour change. A record number of submissions have been received this year, and as a result the schedule has been adjusted to accommodate over 125 high quality presentations on social marketing and behaviour change theory and practice. The conference will have representatives from 35 countries covering a wide variety of topics including smoking cessation, wildlife conservation and driver behaviour. A number of interesting panel sessions are being offered. Patrick Cook, President of the iSMA will be chairing ‘The difference and interface between health communication, SBCC, COMBI, C4D and social marketing’. Professor Jeff French, Brigette Boonen and Dr Krzysztof Kubacki be panel members for ‘Ethics in Social Marketing’ presenting the work that is being done on new Ethical Social Marketing Standards being developed by iSMA.

There will also be a range of training workshops available exclusively to delegates before and after the main conference. For the full schedule, visit the conference website:

iSMA Board Meeting and AGM

On Tuesday June 4th , after the conference presentations have ended for the day, the iSMA board will be holding an open board meeting, followed by the Annual General Meeting. iSMA members are encouraged to attend, the board meeting will begin at 5:30. Discount Code Available for iSMA members

Don’t forget, iSMA members will receive a discount on registration for the conference. You can find the discount code in the members section of the iSMA website.


The February 2019 iSMA Board meeting was attended by Patrick Cook, President, Jennifer Wayman, Secretary, Julie Hentz, Communications Committee Chair, Karis Schoellmann, Treasurer, Luca Uguzzoni, Board Member-at-Large, Vilarmina Ponce, Representative of Latin American Social Marketing Association, and Win Morgan, Board Member-at-Large.

Nancy Lee has agreed to serve as the SMANA Representative on the iSMA Board, replacing Brooke Sandowsky, who is no longer at SMANA.

Our partners at the Social Marketing Quarterly (SMQ) have kindly offered iSMA members free access to their journal, as yet another advantage to membership. Work is beginning with a team of iSMA board members and WSMC organizers to shape special editions of SMQ and the Journal of Social Marketing (JSM) for release at June’s World Social Marketing Conference.

Julie Hentz presented on the status of the new organizational website which is awaiting work on a “plug-in” to establish a member portal which would be a separate space from the outfacing general content of the website. A shout out to volunteer Braden Occomore who has been dedicating many hours to the new website development and design. The Communication Committee is also seeking quality imagery
that represents a scope of Social Marketing style activities for the website and other communication channels.

Patrick has been working with Fuse Events to identify a vendor to implement a single membership database across all associations.

The Communications Committee is drafting a set of questions for a 2019 survey to help identify what members currently enjoy about membership and what they would like to see more of, or additional services that the organization might offer to serve as a meaningful forum of social marketing best practice and advancement.

A new url was voted on by the board. Heretofore, the iSMA url will be:

Win suggested iSMA sign on to Amazon’s beneficiary program that channels shopping rewards to benefit nonprofits.

Planning for the iSMA presence at the 2019 World Social Marketing Conference in Edinburgh is underway. iSMA will have a manned table and collaborate space with other regional associations.

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