There are some interesting and dedicated volunteers working behind the scenes at the International Social Marketing Association (iSMA) to promote the use of social marketing frameworks to address health challenges and other social issues around the globe.

Braden Occomore

Braden has been supporting iSMA for almost 2 years as a Website Content & Design Coordinator (Website Manager). He is a member of the iSMA Communications Team where he both manages content on the old website while building out the new website which is set to launch in the next few months. The new iSMA site will offer a fresh look and improved functionality for the iSMA member base to access a wealth of social marketing resources.

Braden, who hails from Burlington, Ontario in Canada has a command of Digital/IT with a global perspective. He now serves as a Business Process Expert for a global Hearing Aid Manufacturer and Retailer outside of Zurich, Switzerland and travels extensively for his business, Rotterdam being a frequent destination. His primary focus is in Marketing Automation and CRM Software (Customer Relationship Management).

Why Social Marketing for a Digital Expert? “I enjoy this field so much because it can bring about positive change that can have a lasting impact of people's lives and on society as a whole. Being able to drive behaviour change while also working with a group of extremely qualified and hard-working volunteers is fantastic. That's something that I want to be a part of.

Braden first learned about Social Marketing after taking a class at Griffith University, in Australia while working on a degree in Business Marketing. Prior to that, he had received an advanced diploma in Business Administration Marketing from Fanshawe College in London, Ontario. In addition, Braden felt he gained much insight into the field by attending the European Social Marketing Conference in Antwerp, Belgium. 

What’s next for Braden? “My goal is to gain as much knowledge as I can about Social Marketing theory and practice and pursue a certification. In addition to continuing to contribute to iSMA in my current capacity, I'm also planning to offer Digital Marketing Consulting in my spare time. Having worked in Digital Marketing for 8 years, I'd like to help make social marketing more digital in order to appeal to a wider audience.”

Of his experience working with iSMA, Braden says, “iSMA is a fantastic association of like-minded professionals who care deeply about helping others. Our volunteers dedicate so much time and energy and are so passionate in everything that we do. I feel privileged to be able to volunteer for such a great team and am very excited for what iSMA has planned for their Members in 2019. I highly recommend you become a Member if you haven't already done so.

We feel very lucky to have Braden’s unique contribution of digital expertise, which helps to promote and broaden Social Marketing practice, not to mention the time that he contributes to the organizational work. Please join us in thanking, Braden!

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