The iSMA Board is honored to welcome three new members who were elected from a pool of many impressive candidates. Diogo Verissimo, PhD, Karis Schoellmann, MPH, and Luca Uguzzoni will be supporting the work of the International Social Marketing Association for a 3-year term. Please get to know Luca, Karis, and Diogo and their impressive social marketing experience through the following overviews.

Karis Schoellmann, MPH has worked in Women’s Health and Maternal Child Health throughout a career that spans 30-years, including work at Planned Parenthood of Louisiana and with the Louisiana Department of Health in their Maternal and Child Health Program. She is currently working as the Director of the Communication, Innovation, and Action Team at the Louisiana Department of Health’s Bureau of Family Health. Karis is also a faculty member at Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, where she teaches Introduction to Social Marketing, Health Communication: Theory and Practice, and Social and Behavioral Aspects of Global Health courses.
Two ongoing Bureau of Family Health initiatives in which Karis has played a key role and uses social marketing behavior change frameworks, are the Partners for Healthy Babies and the Give Your Baby Space campaigns. Both campaigns, designed to reduce Louisiana’s infant mortality, are targeted to parents and families. Other current work with which Karis is involved includes using social marketing frameworks in a more upstream approach to impact providers to effectively address the social determinants of health involving women’s wellness. 
Karis takes her role in guiding and inspiring the next generation’s global public health workforce seriously. In fact, her desire to join the iSMA board was inspired by this motivation. Karis has been elected by the iSMA Board to the position of Treasurer as Kelly Dennings steps down.

Luca Uguzzoni is currently working with the Ambi Group as a Marketing Brand Consultant in Lugano, Switzerland. Over his 30-year career in marketing and branding, Luca has worked on projects with UBS bank, Bank Julius Baer, Nespresso, Unicredit, Bolton, Vorwerk, and top global sporting events like the Winter and Summer Olympic Games, America’s Cup Sailing, World Championships and World Cups. He cites his time living in Valencia, Spain while working with the America’s Cup International Sailing Competition, as significant. “I was able to witness how the city transformed when America’s Cup was held there.  It was the perfect example of a ‘smart city concept’ in action. My passion is to improve urban well-being and to create and implement sustainable and inclusive opportunities for all.” Luca guides clients’ marketing operations to include sustainability initiatives, and encourages them to realize the ecological and social responsibilities they have to their stakeholders and the community. “One of the most significant projects I’ve worked on, was producing a solar-powered racing car named ‘Emilia’. The car was built by a group of small companies based in the ‘motor valley’ in Italy, who were committed to developing a car powered by solar energy. Emilia, was built and became a strong competitor at the ‘World Solar Challenge’’ in Australia, the premiere global competition in this category of cars.
Through his new commitment to iSMA, Luca sees unique opportunities to create shared value with other organisations through strategic partnerships. The work of iSMA provides concrete possibilities to develop projects that combine social & sustainable principles.  This collaboration will aim to embrace the creation of well-crafted ideas where the outcome is measured against defined objectives.

Diogo Verissimo, PhD earned his Doctorate in Biodiversity Management from the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology at the University of Kent in the United Kingdom. His latest work in press is,” Does It Work for Biodiversity, Experiences and Challenges in the Evaluation of Social Marketing Campaigns. Social Marketing Quarterly. He is also currently Guest Editor at the Social Marketing Quarterly for a Special Issue on Biodiversity Conservation and Social Marketing.
Diogo has devoted his career to the conservation of biodiversity using social marketing approaches, from research to evaluation, to make a positive impact in these areas, including the use of conservation marketing as a tool to promote human-wildlife coexistence.” Diogo is currently an Oxford Martin Fellow at the University of Oxford, UK, where he focuses on the design and evaluation of behaviour change interventions to reduce demand for wildlife products, a key part of mitigating the threat of the illegal wildlife trade on wildlife populations. One of Diogo’s first social marketing projects focused on sea turtle conservation in São Tomé and Principe, a tiny island country in West Africa. Due to this work, as well as improved enforcement, poaching of sea turtles has been reduced by 90%. As Diogo looks forward to his work with the iSMA Board, he is keen to explore ways to foster
the growth of the community of social marketers working on biodiversity-related issues, and to promote information exchange between academics and practitioners working in social marketing, both through the literature and other non-formal channels. Diogo has been elected by the iSMA Board to the position of Vice President.

Please help us welcome Luca, Diogo, and Karis to our Board. We are thrilled to have their support and are excited about the impressive and diverse level of expertise they bring to our organization.