The paper builds on and provides more details to support the global consensus definition of social marketing, a definition that was also endorsed by the social marketing professional associations in 2013.

According to the paper’s authors, the paper sets out the core principle of social marketing—“the facilitation of personal and social good”—as a necessary marker for all social marketing programmes.” In addition to the core principle, the six core social marketing concepts include: 

  • Setting of explicit social goals
  • Citizen orientation and focus
  • Value proposition delivery via the Social Marketing intervention mix
  • Theory, insight, data & evidence informed audience segmentation
  • Competition/ Barrier and asset analysis
  • Critical thinking, reflexivity, and being ethical

Along with this consensus definition, the Global Consensus paper helps to bring some common terms and approaches to social marketing, providing a necessary resource for social marketers around the world. We encourage all of our members to use and adopt this principle and these concepts.