Social Marketing Associations are Growing Around the Globe to Include Africa

Originating from a team at the Uganda Ministry of Health, which includes the Uganda Health Marketing Group (UHMG), the formulation of The Social Marketing Association of Africa (SMAA) is underway!  The Articles of Association are being generated and the UHMG legal team is supporting the review.
In its early stages, the first order of business is discussion regarding the composition of the board and of the association executive.

The African Social Marketing Conference in September, 2017 will provide an important venue to introduce the idea of an African Social Marketing Association to the community of practitioners, which will then support the formulation of the steering committee.
Samuel Moses Okello of the Uganda Ministry of Health, tells us that his group is in touch with potential funders and practitioners, but standing up the Association could take up to eight months.

The International Social Marketing Association offers SMAA their congratulations and support, and is thrilled to see the practice of Social Marketing in Africa realize association status.