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Written by Winthrop Morgan   

The International Social Marketing Association (iSMA) webinar series provides timely, widely relevant and ‘newsworthy’ information on evidence-based social marketing advances and resources worldwide.

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Karl Galing, Philippines Coordinator, Water and Sanitation Program, World Bank.

 Changing Behaviours to Scale Up Rural Sanitation, September 21/22, 2015

Over 30% of the people in rural Philippines either don’t have a toilet, or have one that drains into an open area. That’s 5.7 million people defecating in the open and an additional 3.7 million using toilets that drain into an open area. Talk about entrenched behaviours! (pun intended) In addition to the danger to public health and the environment, these conditions can deprive people of dignity and dampen their economic prospects. Learn how the World Bank has used social marketing principles to develop and generate demand for improved toilets. Presented by Edkarl M. Galing, World Bank on September 21/22, 2015.

Time 1: Monday September 21 at 6:30 am N.A. Eastern Daylight Saving Time / 10:30 am UTC+0 (GMT) / 11:30 am British Summer Time, 4:00 pm India (UTC+5.5) / 6:30 pm in the Philippines (standard time, UTC+8)/ 8:30 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (UTC+10).

Time 2: Monday September 21 at 5:00 pm Pacific Daylight Saving Time / 8:00 pm N.A EDT. Tuesday September 22 at 12:00 am UTC+0 (GMT) /1:00 am British Summer Time / 5:30 am India (UTC+5.5), 8:00 am in the Philippines (standard time, UTC+8)/ 10:00 am Australian Eastern Standard Time (UTC+10).

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Written by Winthrop Morgan   

The development of these competencies was formally begun at a collaboratory held at the Social Marketing Conference in Clearwater Beach, FL, USA in June, 2012. Since then, the full list of competencies generated by that discussion have been reviewed and revised by the AASM, ESMA and iSMA Boards of Directors. The iSMA Board approved this version September 19, 2014.  The ESMA and AASM approved earlier in September 2014.   

  • Authors:Australian Association of Social Marketing, European Social Marketing Association, and International Social Marketing Association
  • Intended Audience: Instructors of academic courses and designers of academic and nonacademic certificate programs in social marketing.
  • Intended Use: As a set of participant-focused benchmarks for the development of course curricula and certificate completion requirements. 
  • Limitations: These competencies are not meant to prescribe or restrict the content of academic social marketing degree programs. It is anticipated that degree-granting programs in social marketing may have more competencies than are outlined here.
  • Date of Publication:  September 19, 2014:
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