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Written by Winthrop Morgan   

The International Social Marketing Association (iSMA) webinar series provides timely, widely relevant and ‘newsworthy’ information on evidence-based social marketing advances and resources worldwide.

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Houda Khayame, Social Marketing Manager, SHOPS Project (Jordan)

Tackling 'Unspoken' Behaviours: Using co-creation to overcome cultural barriers to family planning in Jordan,
November 5/6, 2015

Imagine trying to change behaviours that are barely talked about in public. That was the challenge in Jordan, a conservative environment where the sensitive topic of family planning is difficult to raise outside the privacy of a clinic. Instead, social norms include large size families, a preference for male children and pregnancy right after marriage. Fear of modern contraceptive methods is also quite common. Join us to learn about a bold social marketing campaign and the success factors that helped it achieve significant changes in the use of intrauterine devices in Jordan. Presented by Houda Khayame, Social Marketing Manager, SHOPS Project (Jordan) on November 5/6, 2015.

Time One: Thursday November 5 at 6:30 am UTC -5 (N.A. Eastern Standard Time), 11:30 am UTC+0 (GMT), 5:00 pm UTC5.5 (India), 7:30 pm UTC+8 (AWST - Perth, Australia), and 10:30 pm UTC+11 (AEDT - Sydney)

Time Two: Thursday November 5 at 12:00 pm UTC-8 (N.A Pacific Standard Time), 3:00 pm UTC -5 (N.A. Eastern Standard Time), 8:00 pm UTC+0 (GMT), Friday November 6 at 7:00 am UTC+11 (AEDT-Sydney)

We'll be live-casting from the #ismaWBNR. Join the Twitter conversation, we encourage sharing! 

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Written by Winthrop Morgan   

The development of these competencies was formally begun at a collaboratory held at the Social Marketing Conference in Clearwater Beach, FL, USA in June, 2012. Since then, the full list of competencies generated by that discussion have been reviewed and revised by the AASM, ESMA and iSMA Boards of Directors. The iSMA Board approved this version September 19, 2014.  The ESMA and AASM approved earlier in September 2014.   

  • Authors:Australian Association of Social Marketing, European Social Marketing Association, and International Social Marketing Association
  • Intended Audience: Instructors of academic courses and designers of academic and nonacademic certificate programs in social marketing.
  • Intended Use: As a set of participant-focused benchmarks for the development of course curricula and certificate completion requirements. 
  • Limitations: These competencies are not meant to prescribe or restrict the content of academic social marketing degree programs. It is anticipated that degree-granting programs in social marketing may have more competencies than are outlined here.
  • Date of Publication:  September 19, 2014:
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