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Written by Winthrop Morgan   

Exclusive only to iSMA members!!  A 10% discount on the European Social Marketing Conference in Espoo, FInland, 22-23 September 2016.

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Written by Jeff French   

Social Marketing: Three Concepts and Three Principles

by Professor Jeff French 




Social Marketing concepts and principles are not of themselves a process or recipe for success; rather they are the ingredients necessary for successful social programs that seek to influence behavior. It is important that they are not confused with ‘process planning models’ i.e. how to plan and deliver or do social marketing such as the STELa social marketing planning model. There are specific process planning models for this purpose. Instead, the concepts and principles of social marketing are essentially the key elements that indicate if a programme is applying a social marketing approach. It is also important to recognise that these concepts and principles are not a random or arbitrary collection; rather they are derived from an evidence and experiential base about what works and what does not in the development and delivery of public sector programmes designed to deliver measurable change in behavior.

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Written by Winthrop Morgan   

The International Social Marketing Association (iSMA) webinar series provides timely, widely relevant and ‘newsworthy’ information on evidence-based social marketing advances and resources worldwide.

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International Social Marketing and Behavior Change Course Fair Webinars, May 18-19, 2016

Interested in taking some of the best social marketing / behavior change training that is available internationally?

Here’s your opportunity to find out about a number of great trainings, hear directly from the instructors and organizers, ask them questions and get answers in real time. From online courses, to 90-minute instructional and case study webinars, to workshops that are offered around the globe, and full certificate and degree programs – we’ve got you covered with plenty of options. All participants will get free access to the iSMA’s new list of social marketing courses and instructors, when it becomes available. During and immediately after the Course fair Webinars, you can also ask that additional information on selected trainings be sent to you by them.

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